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Lisitza's Mini Kawaii

Here is a video tutorial of how I've made Kokoshnik - a Russian style headpiece (tiara or crown). It is entirely up to you how you will finish the piece. I have just demonstrated the way I wanted it to be. There are different techniques to Kokoshnik, for instance, some human size Kokoshniks are decorated in kanzashi technique (folded ribbon). Just let your creativity roll. Enjoy!


You can download the pattern from this site. Go to "Downloads for tutorials".

Materials used:
Craft foam
Cotton fabric
Fabric glue
E-6000 glue
Beading needles
Beads and seed beads
Various sequin shapes
Wide ribbon
...and time :)

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Here is a tutorial of how to make miniature cake from polymer clay.


This is a simple way of making a miniature cake from polymer or air dry clays with a rather cute result. You do not need a lot of equipment and the tools I've used in this tutorial can be substituted by the other objects you have probably already got in the house. For example, if you have not got a crinkled blade you can just use the x-acto knife to cut the same pattern. If you have not got liquid clay – not a problem, you can use PVA to glue not only baked polymer clay pieces together but also the unbaked decoration. 

In order to get “muted” or pale clay colour just mix white clay with the artist’ pastels. I have just scrapped the pastels with the knife and mixed it into the clay. The intensity of colour can be easily controlled.

The hearts can be effortlessly made into the petals, just roll from one wide side to another. This cake is not just for a doll house, but can be made into a pendant, key-ring or even used for decoden. The choice is yours. 




Thank you for watching.

Any questions please ask. And enjoy!







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This is my review for Chinese or Japanese language book about making cats from clay. The book is amazing and I would recommend getting it.  In my video review you will see the whole book and I will show you a couple of my cats I have made from the book. Hope you'll enjoy!


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