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Polymer clay violin

Polymer clay miniature.


pattern can be downloaded from 'Downloads for tutorials'

Mahogany wood simulation.

Wooden polymer clay

Roll balls from polymer clay 1.5 cm in diameter:

  • 3 dark brown
  • 1 beige
  • 1 black
Make 3 logs from the ball (put 3 brown balls together)
Attach logs to each other
Bend them and roll and bend again and roll.

Repeat till slightly marbled

From the marbled clay make a ball and flatten in to the work surface to get circle about 0.8 cm thick.

Put the template on the top and cut out

F-holes: roll a black polymer clay into very thin log and apply to the base

Tailpiece: from black polymer clay make a tall trapeze about 1.2 cm long. Apply to the base as shown


Chinrest: roll a ball from black polymer clay about 0.2 cm in diameter. With the ball ended tool make a hollow. Apply to the base




Fingerboard: roll some black polymer clay into a log, flatten till 0.4 cm thick, put paper template on and cut.

Pegbox: apply two "wooden" stripes  onto the sides of the fingerboard.

Scroll: from "wooden" polymer clay make a form as shown. Attach to the fingerboard

With knife mark 3 stripes on the scroll.

Attach 2 tiny balls to both sides of the scroll

From black balls (0.2 cm each) of polymer clay form 4 teardrops shapes. Attach them to the Pegbox - two from each side.
Bridge: roll a ball from beige polymer clay, flatten into the work surface and cut in half.

With the knife make a 4 cuts on the one of the halves

Attach all parts to the violin base. To support the Neck of the violin put piece of wood (or already baked clay) underneath.

Cut strings from a very thin wire. Use white polymer clay to simulate Fine Tunes. The same time they will protect wire from "disappearing" from the place.

This is the most longest part of project and you need to be very patient.

Bow: roll 2 logs from beige and "wooden" polymer clays. Flatten them slightly.

Apply 2 black balls to the wooden stripe.


Bake all pieces for 30 minutes, 110 C (new fimo)

Glue the pieces of the bow together with PVA.
Varnish your violin.

It's ready




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