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Mince pies preparation board

Mince pies preparation board

Roll a "Granite Fimo" on the thickest setting on your Pasta Machine. Cut rectangular form 4 cm long and 2.5 cm wide
Jar: roll a log 1.5 cm long from  any colour of polymer clay. With the ball ended tool create a socket
Mice meat: mix and cut dark red and black polymer clays into small pieces
Fill the hollow with your "mince meat"
Baking tray: roll a silver clay on your Pasta Machine (setting 3-4). Make rectangular about 2.2cm long and 1.4 cm wide.

Round the corners.

Use the end of the pen to make a hollows on the tray
Roll a log from silver clay about 2.5 cm long and reproduce a 'teeth' as shown.
Connect the ends of the log to create a circle.
Again roll a log from silver polymer clay and make some marks as shown. Connect the ends like in the previous step.
Apply first circle on top of the second. It supposed to be a cookie cutter lol :D
Roll a ball from silver polymer clay
Spoon: From this ball roll a  short log. With ball ended tool create a hollow on one end
Decorate a handle if you wish
Put some "mince meat" mix into the spoon
For pastry: mix flesh, a trace of  brown and some yellow polymer clays. Make a ball and flatten onto the work surface to make rolled pastry
Make a hole in the pastry. Mark insides of the hole with cocktail stick
Rolling pin: from ball of beige polymer clay roll a log about 2.5 cm long. With the wool needle make a lines on the each end of the log
Fill in two hollows with a tiny balls of pastry mix. Apply some "mince meat" onto the top of each ball. Mark pies with the lines.
Assemble everything on the granite board.

Bake for 20 minutes, 110C (for new fimo)

Apply some PVA glue on the top of the mince meat after baking if you do not have a varnish. Let it dry.

PVA is a perfect gloss varnish


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