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Polymer clay miniature basket

Polymer clay miniature basket


You will need:

  • polymer clay

  • cookie cutters (2 different diameter)

  • coctail stick

  • tiny kemper cutter

  • Super glue


For this project you can use any colour of polymer clay you like
Roll a log and press one end flat. Smooth it with your finger.

Shape the tip straight.

With the flower shape cookie cutter (or any other you want) cut as shown.
With the coctail stick make a hole in each "petal"
Roll polymer clay in a thin sheet and cut with the bigger flower cookie cutter
Make holes with the kemper cutter in each "petal" again (or use a needle to create a holes)
Attach the base to the flat sheet
Bend the basket on the top of hard kitchen towel roll. Secure it in the oven.

(i said kitchen towel roll, not toilet roll :)

For the handle - twist the snake of clay, bend it and...


...bake it


Sand the edges of the basket if required.

Glue the handle with Super glue.

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