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non-working light


You will need:

  • black and white clay

  • cutter 2 cm in diameter

  • marble

  • pen

  • liquid clay (optional)

  • wire

  • trace chain

  • super glue

Roll black clay into a sheet about 3-4 mm thick.

Use 2 cm cutter to cut 6 circles

Press the glass marble (or ball of backed clay) into each circle to create a "bowl".

Repeat with all 6 circles.

With the end of the pen or pencil mark the circle inside the "bowl". Repeat with all "bowls"
Roll a log of black clay 0.5 cm thick and cut 6 pieces 1 cm long
Drop a tiny ammount of liquid clay in the centre of  the "bowl".
Attach logs to the "bowl"
Roll a sheet of black clay (2 mm thick, 3 cm wide and 3 cm long)
Cut 6 stripes from the sheet 0.5 cm wide

Bend it as shown

From black clay form a figure for the centre of the chandlier.

Create a loop from wire and insert into the top of the figure.


For the candles: roll a log of white clay 0.4 mm thick. Cut into 6 pieces (0.6 mm) and insert a tiny piece of wire on the top.

Bake all pieces for 15 minutes.

Glue all parts together. Insert trace chain and hang ready made chandlier in your dollshouse.




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1 Jackie White  
That will be perfect in my miniature Halloween room box. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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