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Kiwi cane

Kiwi cane


You will need:

  • polymer clay: white, green, dark-green, translucent, glow-in-the-dark, black

  • clay gun

  • blade


Mix polymer clay to get the following colours:

  • Translucent green (TG) (translucent : green 9:2)

  • Translucent dark-green (TDG) (translucent : dark-green 9:2)

  • Translucent pale green (TPG) (translucent : glow in the dark : green 5:4:1)

Roll a sausage from white clay
Use that type of nozzle... make about 40 logs from black clay
Apply 20 logs to the white sausage as shown
top view
Roll TDG clay into a sheet on your Pasta Machine* (setting #3-4) and cover sausage.
*My pasta machine is Amaco make.
Apply other 20 black logs to the top of the big sausage. This time left more space between logs then before.
top view
Roll TG clay into a sheet on your PM setting #1 or 2
Cover this big sausage with the sheet again
Roll white clay into a sheet on PM #1

Cut about 17-20 stripes (depends on how thick your sausage is)

Make a lot of cuts with the tissue blade up to the white middle
Insert white stripes into the cuts
Roll 2 sheets from TPG clay on Pasta Machine #1 or 2 and cover the cane
Stretch and roll carefully from the middle to the edges to reduce the cane
Now you are ready to decorate miniature tarts and cakes
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2 miniatures   [Entry]
HI Danielle,

you are welcome happy

1 Danielle   [Entry]
Thank you so much for creating this amazing tutorial. So far theee best kiwi cane ever~ Finally something that actually looks like a kiwi.

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