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Hot chocolate drink

Hot chocolate with cream


You will need:

  • polymer clays: white, red

  • plaster of Paris

  • 2 dry spaghetti (or plastic straw)

  • little plastic bowl

  • chocolate powder (or ground coffee)

Roll a ball about 1 cm in diameter
Press the ball slightly onto the work surface and form a cup
Roll a log 1 cm long, flatten it and attach to the cup
With ball ended tool mark the top of the cup
Roll clay in a sheet on your Pasta Machine (setting #2)

Use a circle cutter 2 cm in diameter

Press the end of paintbrush onto the middle of the circle
Press wool need to make a marks all around the circle
Attach cup to the plate
Roll a log of white clay about 0.3 cm thick
Roll a log of red clay about 0.1 cm thick
Cut red log in a little sausages and apply to the white log as shown
Cut "candy" pieces to create sweets. Attach them to the plate


Bake all together for 10 minutes



  • Plaster of Paris
  • 2 dry spaghetti (or plastic straw)
  • Chocolate podwer
Add water to the Plaster to get creamy texture
Gradually add plaster onto the top of the cup

Do not apply all in one go

It have to be like shown
While the Plaster still "wet" crumble some cacao on the top. Let it dry for 20 minutes

Hot chocolate with cream on the top ready for your dolls house


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