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How to make kawaii cream cake
How to make a cream cake (VERY EASY)

For this project you will need:
-white polymer clay
-pasta machine or roller
-crinkled square cookie cutter
-texture ‘Makins’ sheet ‘Checks’
-faux cream or white calk/silicone (from DIY store)
-icing nozzle
-red glass bead
-other findings, depending on how you are going to assemble the finished product

1. Run a piece of white clay through a pasta machine on the thickest setting

2. Usually ‘Makin’s brand’ clay texture sheet is coming as a set of four sheets. We are going to use the ‘Checks’ from set "B”.

3. Position a flat piece of clay on the sheet and run it though pasta machine again. If you do not have a pasta machine, then just place the textured sheet on clay and press with the roller, or even hands.
If you clay is sticky, brush on some corn flour to the sheet for an easy release. Some people use water, however I do not advise using it, as cracks in clay can occur during baking.

4. Here is our sheet of clay to do with it as we please. Oops, I meant to carry on with our project.

5. It is the time to take your crinkled cookie cutter and make a use of it.

6. Cut the square in half with the same cookie cutter and bake on ceramic tile or on a piece of cardboard as per clay manufacturer instruction

7. Once two pieces have cooled down take a tube with the calk or silicone, put the nozzle on and squeeze, filling in between the pieces as shown. The process can be a bit messy.

8. And now you can decorate it with the ‘cherry’ bead.  Easy! Let it dry over night. And do not forget to insert a hook (before the silicone dries out) if you wish the cake to be a charm.

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